Visits, leisures activities and activities around

  • The "Chateau de Bligny" and its park.
  • Touristic Champagne Route  : from Saulcy to Riceys.
  • Nigloland , family amusement park.
  • Lakes : the Orient Forest Great Lakes, Amance, Dienville : water sport, fishing and leisure activities.
  • Clairvaux abbey.
  • “Cristalleries Royales de Champagne” in Bayel.
  • Essoyes, village of August Renoir.
  • Brienne-le-Château : school and Napoleon museum.
  • Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises : The Cross of Lorraine, the Boisserie , the  Memorial Charles de Gaulle.
  • Troyes: an essential city of  rich heritage and the factory-outlet shop.
  • Chaumont : its viaduct.
  • Langres : its 3,5 km of remparts.
  • Cirey-sur-Blaise : the castle means a lot to Voltaire.

Strolls near

  • The mountain bike trails
  • Hiking on the GR 24, from Bar sur Aube to Bar -sur-Seine , as well as from Bligny to Bar-sur-Aube by Spoy and the old Roman road .

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